8 great jam and chutney ideas

How many of us are procrastinating each morning before starting work? I am sure everyone has cleaned out their fridge at least once whilst looking for something new to eat.

And many of us will have found nearly empty jars of condiments at the back of the fridge. So if you have, don’t waste these please, there is so much you can do with these spoonfuls of flavour.

  • Make a dip with sour cream, yoghurt or cream cheese, add a squeeze of lemon and a spoonful of chutney or savoury jam
  • Add fennel pickles to some mayo and mix through a potato salad
  • Jams make a yummy sauce for pancakes or ice cream, just add some liqueur or brandy to the warmed jam or jelly
  • When mixing the dough for scones or muffins, add mustard or chutney 
  • Take your omelette or scrambled eggs to the next level with a spoonful of chilli jam or tomato relish.
  • Make a marinade for your chicken wings or pork ribs using plum sauce
  • Give extra oomph to your gravy or casserole with a generous helping of relish
  • Add sauce, chutney or mustard to your minced meat and make rissoles or meatballs

Don’t waste that last scrape of goodness in the jar. Add some sparkle to your day and stay safe. And if you’ve come up with a great way to use that last spoonful, please post your results on instagram or facebook and tag @iambatchmade

Enjoy your jams! x Sam